The Lady Bro Behind it All

Hi everyone!  I’m Becca and this blog is becoming a side-project of mine. I’ve been living in Chicago for almost three years, and I’ve been become very intrigued with the “real world” dating scene here.   Let’s face the facts: Chicago is a huge city, and it’s full of eligible bachelors (cute guys, everywhere!).  But, where can you meet them?  How do you approach them? I am constantly talking to my girl friends about men, and we always wonder how to meet guys in a big city.  Every time I go out with my girl friends, the Jewish Mother in me comes out and tries to set them up with every guy at the bar or my guy friends.  This site will hopefully allow them to do some of the picking themselves, with only a little bit of help (aka matchmaking or screening) from yours truly!

There has to be something that falls somewhere in the middle between meeting random guys at a bar (GASP) and biting the bullet and making an online dating profile (DOUBLE GASP).  Between my friends and I, we’ve tried it all, and we have the battle scars to show for it!  Somehow, I’ve managed to come out of this war-zone of dating alive, and I’ve been dating my awesome, hilarious, cute, smart, pun-tastic boyfriend for about two years!  But, I won’t bore you all with the details of that…

For as long as I can remember, dating and relationships (and everything in between) has always fascinated me.  My favorite T.V. shows include guilty pleasures like Tough LoveMillionaire Matchmaker, and basically everything in between.  This blog is by no means a matchmaking service, but I see it as a screening service.  I go out and chat with  guys who I’d set up with my friend, and blog about them for everyone else!  My fascination and passion for understanding relationships will one day be a career for me, and maybe one day I’ll be the “relationship expert” featured in these crazy shows!

I hope this blog can be useful for every-day working ladies who want to just browse for some bros!

Bros and Ladies can contact me about being on the blog or being set-up with someone from the blog at!

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Thanks for all the love and support, everyone!



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