In Light of Halloween…

Hello everyone!

In light of Halloween only being a couple weeks away, I thought I’d dedicate this post to SpOoOky ideas for your date.  A fun fact that I learned in my Psychology of Close Relationships in undergrad is that going on an adrenaline-rushed date is a great idea.  Studies have shown that if you experience a height in adrenaline or arousal in your body (don’t be gross) that you get from a scary movie, a roller coaster, or something that may freak you out, is later associated with the person who you were on the date with.  Hypothetically, if a date took you to a haunted house or on a roller coaster, the arousal that you experienced during the event will later be associated with the person you were with.  If you’re not catching on, THIS IS A GOOD THING!  You know those weird butterflies in your stomach when you’re anxious to meet up with a hot date?  Those are actually more likely to happen since you associated that spike in adrenaline with the girl or guy you were out with.

If you’re a big psychology nerd such as myself, this theory is actually known as the Two-Factor Theory of Emotion (misattribution of arousal) .  You can learn more about it here ( and (

This is not to say you should scare your date into seeing you more often this Halloween, but if you want to have a fun, adrenaline-filled date, the odds are ever in your favor of getting a goodnight kiss  or a phone call a day later.  Chicago has tons of fun options for SpOOoOkY dates, such as haunted houses, watching a scary movie, Six Flags, or people watching on Hubbard Street (kidding…?)

Hope you learned something new and exciting about dating.  Please keep up all of the support, everyone.  It is much appreciated!  As always, send your single bro friends my way so they can be featured as a Bro on the site, and single ladies and guys, check out the Bros and Bros for Bros if you’re bored and want to go out with someone new!