To Call or To Text?…That is the Question!

Happy Hump Day!  After getting dinner with my room mates/ life partners last night, we had an in depth discussion about calling versus texting.  Everyone has their own personal rules and preferences about the two.  It is my opinion that our generation texts way too much, especially about personal things.  My rule of thumb has always been, if you won’t/can’t say it to their face, don’t text it to them!  

Say you go on a first date, and it went well.  You want to get a hold of your date in some way, what’s your next step?  Do you call them and risk having to ACTUALLY TALK TO THEM ON THE PHONE or text them and keep your phone next to you and stare at it until he or she responds?  I’m a firm believer in picking up the phone and calling them, and if they don’t answer, leave them a quick voicemail!  It’s a ballsy move, and I think your date would appreciate it!

What do you guys think?  Call or text, or any other ideas?  Take my new poll, and we’ll see the results!