Top 10 Dating Rules by Becca

Everyone has their own opinion on dating rules and etiquette.  You hear one friend tell you one thing, and then another friend tell you the opposite.  What should you wear?  Where should you go?  How many days do you wait to call or text the person?  Who pays?  How many dates do I wait to kiss them?  So many questions!

Dating has become a game, and then the whole point of it all is lost in translation (translating texts, body language, etc.)  Dating is supposed to be fun!  Sure, it can be stressful, but if you follow my easy dating rules and tips, you can be a pro-dater in no time!  Here are the first 5 of the top 10 dating rules that I have come up with:

1) Don’t be late.  Girls, I get it.  You don’t want to be exactly on time.  You want to make them wait a little bit, and heaven forbid you’re the first one there!  Being fashionably late is about 5-10 minutes.  Anything after that is plain rude.  Be respectful of your date’s time.  Someone has set aside time to spend with you to get to know you, don’t make them wait on you for longer than 10 minutes. If you’re running late due to real reasons, like the weather, transportation, or a REAL emergency, be courteous and give your date a head’s up, and I’m sure he or she will understand.  Also, don’t no-show!  I’m not even going to include that as it’s own rule because it should be a given.  Don’t stand your date up; it’s just mean.  I’m sure I can vouch for every guy and girl out there by saying that flakiness sucks.  Don’t be a flake and don’t be mean.  Show up to your date.  If you don’t want go to, don’t agree to it.

2) Make eye-contact.  One of my biggest pet-peeves is people who don’t make good eye contact with you.  Being on a date with someone who can’t even look you in the eye is a major annoyance and turn-off.  Making strong eye contact shows that you are confident in yourself, and it shows that you are engaged and interested in the conversation at hand.  By looking elsewhere, you are disengaging yourself from the conversation whether you mean to or not.   Also, if you’re looking around, your date may assume that you’re not interested in him or her or even worse, you are checking out OTHER people on your date.  It’s rude, it’s annoying, don’t do it. (Please don’t take this advice completely literally, because someone who makes too intense eye contact can also come across as creepy. You don’t need to stare into the depths of your date’s soul, but just show that you’re listening and you care.)

3) Turn your phone on silent, and put it away.  If you’re on a date with someone, you have clearly set aside time in your busy schedule to have a one-on-one meet up.  Your friends can wait, your e-mail can wait, the score of the game can wait, etc.  Don’t be disrespectful to your date and be checking your phone all the time.  We live in a world where we are constantly connected to the news, friends, family, and so forth.  But when it comes to dating, you need to make that person your priority, at least for the time-being. Put your cell phone in your pocket or purse, and just put it on silent (NEVER keep your phone out on the table or bar you’re at while on the date; it’ super distracting and disrespectful to your date!)  It’s not that hard!  If you really need to make a call/ text/ or e-mail, excuse yourself to the restroom, and do your business quickly!  Don’t make your date wait for you while you make phone calls.  I’m sure everyone runs to the bathroom half way through a date to text a room mate or a friend giving a status update on the date, that’s fine.  Just don’t turn it into a 10 minute conversation.  

4) Dress to impress.  This really should go without saying, but don’t be a slob.  You really want to present yourself in the best light you can, so dress well.  You don’t have to be in heels or a tie, but look presentable.  Remember, the person you are meeting may potentially be someone who you want to get “intimate” with, so you want to come across as attractive as possible.  Take a shower, spray some cologne/ perfume, make your hair look nice, etc.  First impressions are HUGE.  You’d much rather your date remember that funny joke you made or that cool new restaurant you went to last week than your ugly t-shirt or bad cologne.

5) Don’t talk about past relationships or an ex!  This is huge!!! DON’T DO THIS ON A FIRST DATE!!!  The last thing a new date wants to hear about is your ex.  If you bring them up, it shows you’re not over it.  If you talk shit about them, it show you’re not over it.  If you’re “still friends”, it shows you’re not over it (and maybe they’re still using them as a booty call…MAJOR RED FLAG!)  Basically, don’t bring it up!  In any way you put it, it can reflect poorly on you and worst of all, it will very likely make your date feel uncomfortable or insecure.  If you keep dating this person, eventually you can have the “ex conversation”, but that can wait until you are exclusively dating.

Tune in next time for the next 5 tips!