Another Testimonial!

Hey guys,

I know you’re probably getting sick of people saying how awesome and legitimate my site is, but here’s one more for you all!  This one is from one of the ladies who I’ve set-up:

“Dating in Chicago can be tough, especially being new to the city and figuring out the working world. You definitely see the good, the bad, and the ugly and it can be difficult to find new ways to meet cool, like-minded people. Becca and NYAB have been a great new outlet for me to meet new bros, other than being out at bars. She somehow manages to find a variety of awesome guys and asks them the questions (silly and more serious) that help you decide if you want to really get to know them better. So if you see someone you like, email Becca and set up drinks or coffee with one of the bros. Really, hesitate no more, you have nothing to lose!”

I promise to post about more bros, because let’s be honest, I know that’s the only thing the majority of you care about!  But, you all need to keep spreading the word and getting your guy friends (straight and gay!) to e-mail me, or else it won’t work!  As always, contact me at!