First Testimonial…from a BRO!

As stated above, this is my second testimonial overall, but my first testimonial from one of the bros on the site! For all you dudes out there who are skeptical of this site, check out with this bro had to say:

“Recently, I had sworn off online dating.  My experiences on other dating websites consisted of staring through page after page of pictures, then finally clicking on a profile just to realize I was nothing like the person I just e-winked at. Needless to say, not much came of my experiences there.

Thankfully, Not Your Average Bro is a fresh take on the online dating scene.

Where NYAB separates itself is in its content. While it’s great to have an idea of who someone is before dating, NYAB allows you the opportunity to allow your personality shine through without giving away the kitchen sink of who you are from birth to present day. The way people are set up allows relationships to grow organically, the most comfortable, natural way for relationships to begin.

With that in mind, there is no better testament to a website than the people that respond to it. The number of fun, attractive women responding to the site is a testament to its quality. I know that Becca hand picks guys to be on the site, and only looks for the best of the best.

If you’re at home reading this and are unsure if you want to make the leap to online dating, do it, and do it at NYAB. It’s an experience like any other.”

As always, e-mail me at if you’d be interested in being a bro on the site, or any single ladies looking to meet some top quality single men!