First Testimonial!

Good Morning!  I have some exciting news to share!  I have received my very first testimonial!!! WOOHOO!  This testimonial is from a lady who has had a bit of luck with the site:

“Thank you Becca for coming up with the brilliant idea of NYAB! I am happy to say I have taken advantage of her wonderful social abilities. I am a total skeptic of dating websites, I am always on creeper alert at bars. But Becca and NYAB came through for me. It’s so nice to have someone who is not only friends with a ton of great guys, but she is organized enough to be able to set them up with the gals she knows. You don’t have to worry about meeting some guy at a bar where you know NOTHING about. If they are friends with Becca, they are good company. This has been a great way to get people together whether it is for dating or just for fun. So thank you Becca, you have revolutionized Chicago’s dating pool! :)”

Thanks so much, girl!  I appreciate the positive feedback!  Keep them coming guys!