Adam M

Meet the Bro

Name: Adam M
Age: 25
Height: 5’9″
Location: Lakeview
Occupation: Lighting Designer
Favorite Musician/ Band: Definitely a hard one. Modest Mouse
Favorite Movie: Nerd: Star Wars V Art-sy: Titus Fun: Clue
Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings during the playoffs, Detroit Tigers when I am at a game

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About Adam

Adam is a friend of a friend of mine who resides in Lakeview and works as a lighting designer. He enjoys the art and entertainment world, and is pretty involved in it within Chicago. He’s enjoys Star Wars, being by a body of water, and playing Flip Cup. Ladies, any of this sound super awesome to you? Check out his questionnaire for more information on this artsy cutie:

More Fun Facts

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: Tie between British Columbia and Santa Fe
Ideal First Date: Some combo of ice cream, a show, and a drink.
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in Chicago: All of them, but Rise
First Celebrity Crush: Princess Leia
Ideal Vacation Spot: By some body of water, with a boat and nothing to do
Boxers or Briefs or…: Both, depending on the situation and never at the same time
Favorite Physical Feature on a Girl: eyes
Drink of Choice: Scotch or mojito, basically anything not vodka
If you could have any super-power, what would it be?: teleportation
Beach or Mountains?: Mountain beaches!
Beer Pong or Flip Cup?: Flip Cup, probably the only competitive sport I am any good at…
What’s your signature dish that you cook?: Anything over a campfire and Sweet potato chili
Favorite 90’s T.V. Show: This Old House
Interesting Fact about Yourself: My top skills are losing things, catching things I just dropped, and building stuff. 2 of 3 have gotten me jobs.

Thoughts from the Lady Bro

Adam is looking for a “pleasantly ambitious” lady who has a sunny disposition and is open to adventures (perhaps chillin by the Lake, anything in the Arts, and eating delicious food)? He is looking for a gal who is “smart, cute, and laidback”, but isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Ladies, if this sounds like a good match for you or one of your gal pals, hit me or Adam up!

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