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Name: Alan
Age: 27
Height: 5’9″
Location: Jefferson Park (Chi)
Occupation: E-Commerce specialist (social media/web content generation and analysis)
Favorite Musician/ Band: J Dilla. The sheer simplicity of his songs, yet incredibly complex way he layers and chops his samples to make something unique out of older songs. He is the single person who made me want to make music.
Favorite Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. John Hughes was a genius for this and he shared my taste in music. Great minds I tell you.
Favorite Sports Team: For now, I’ll say Blackhawks. In reality, I’m a sucker for anything Lacrosse on TV.

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About Alan

Ladies, get in line because I have a fantastic and fashionable new Bro for you today! I met Alan at a friend’s PR firm’s launch party for Hall and Madden (very chic). Alan is out-going, witty, and is extremely well put together. He’s got a killer sense of humor and is always down to meet new people and experience new things. He’s looking for a girl with a good sense of fashion (loves a girl in Madewell, but don’t we all?), has a good balance between being social and a home-body, and has an indie/ alternative vibe. Alan is also looking for someone who is goofy and is driven to accomplish their goals. Alan seems like quite the catch to me! Ladies, check out his answers to the one and only NYAB questionnaire:

More Fun Facts

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: My grandparent’s home in Poland. It’s like living in a postcard.
Ideal First Date: Simple: Start out with a neapolitan pizza (brick oven only) dinner, grab drinks and finish the night with dancing to soul music.
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in Chicago: Watershed. Elks Club Fizz anyone?
First Celebrity Crush: Leelee sobieski
Ideal Vacation Spot: Santorini, GR. The sunset alone is what will keep pulling me back. The pristine ocean, the caldera, fishing, and coffee with backgammon on the brick lined streets.
Boxers or Briefs or…: Or boxer-briefs!
Favorite Physical Feature on a Girl: Her smile, and eyes.
Drink of Choice: Rye whiskey on the rocks. I’m going to live dangerously and add the Elks Club fizz too.
If you could have any super-power, what would it be?: Not even a question: the Green Lantern ring. Faster than light space travel, super strength, invisibility, you name it, it has it. If I had to pick only one it would be super speed though
Beach or Mountains?: Forever wigglin’ my toes in the sand
Beer Pong or Flip Cup?: FLIP CUP FOREVER.
What’s your signature dish that you cook?: I wish it was homemade neapolitan pizza but it is Grilled chicken grecian style with bacon wrapped asparagus.I can’t bake though.
Favorite 90’s T.V. Show: Doug. Nickelodeon was totally the jam.
Interesting Fact about Yourself: I was a Polish camp counselor for some time, and I have a fashion blog? I make beats, but I’m not ready to share them yet (since my hard drive crashed and I lost all my songs 🙁 )

Thoughts from the Lady Bro

What a cutie! Anyone down to challenge this bro at Flip Cup or listen to his beats? Ladies, hit your favorite lady bro up if you think Alan is your cup of tea or you think one of your girl friends would like to hang with him. E-mail me at or login and send him a private message below!

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