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Name: Alex
Age: 25
Location: River North
Occupation: Ad Sales Director
Favorite Musician/ Band: Jay-Z
Favorite Movie: Anchorman
Favorite Sports Team: Celtics
Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: Hawaii
Ideal First Date: Drinks on a rooftop or on the water

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About Alex

Alex currently resides in River North and is always down to party it up. Similar to some of our other bros here, you can find him checking out some shows on the weekend or at festival like Spring Awakening. Ladies, he also has a … PUPPY! How can you say no to a cute dude with a puppy? That’s just cruel! Here’s some more info (with some new questions from yours truly):

More Fun Facts

Favorite Bar or Restaurant in Chicago: I’ve only been here 2 months so no favorites yet. I like variety-dive bar, night club, beer garden, roof top…I will probably never have a favorite
First Celebrity Crush: Alex Mack (played by Larisa Oleynik) I was only
7 years old, so I guess the overalls and backwards hat appealed to me.
Ideal Vacation Spot: anywhere with a beach
Boxers or Briefs or…: don’t care, I wear both
Favorite Physical Feature on a Girl: eyes
Drink of Choice: old fashioned
If you could have any super-power, what would it be?: to fly
Beach or Mountains?: Tough one. I’ll go beach
Beer Pong or Flip Cup?: Where I’m from, it’s called beirut, not beer pong. My answer is Beirut.
What’s your signature dish that you cook?: Coconut-Curry Sriracha Chicken and Rice
Favorite 90’s T.V. Show: That’s a tie between Doug and All That… yea I used to watch a lot of Nickelodeon

Thoughts from the Lady Bro

Alex is looking for a down to earth gal with a sense of adventure and a good sense of humor to match. He’s a social guy, so ladies, definitely prepare to be showed a good time around the city. Maybe you can even go to a dog park with him for a date (presh). If anyone is looking to show this Chicago newbie around and check out some hot new bars in River North, hit this East Coast cutie up!

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