Michael B

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Name: Michael B.
Age: 27
Height: 6’1
Location: Bucktown
Occupation: Investment Broker
Favorite Musician / Band: Wide variety / mix
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction/Forrest Gump/The Usual Suspects and Die Hard would be in the discussion
Favorite Sports Team: Blackhawks, there’s nothing like a Chicago Blackhawks home game

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About Michael

Michael describes himself as a fun, out-spoken, hysterical bro who loves to have a good time with his buddies, while being in a real person during the week days. Whether he’s convincing you he’s Zach Morris, running around Chicago wearing an absurd wig for the hell of it (and for St. Patty’s), this bro is always entertaining, funny, and kind-hearted.

More Fun Facts

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: Antwerp, Belgium
Ideal First Date: small plates and apps at girl and the goat, followed by a Blackhawks game
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in Chicago: Lottie’s for Bar/ folklore for restaurant
First Celebrity Crush: Kelly Kapowski
Ideal Vacation Spot: Maui
Boxers or Briefs or…: depends on what I’m doing that day!
Favorite Physical Feature on a Girl: smile and legs
Drink of Choice: tequila & club soda with a lime.
If you could have any super-power, what would it be?: transporting ability.
Beach or Mountains?: beach
Beer Pong or Flip Cup?: beer pong is more fun but Im better at flip cup
What’s your signature dish that you cook?: baked spaghetti
Favorite 90’s T.V. Show: saved by the bell
Interesting Fact about Yourself: I tore both my ACL’s two years apart on the same day playing basketball, December 27th. I stay at home on December 27th and don’t even watch sports on tv.

Thoughts from the Lady Bro

Zach, woops I mean….Michael is a great catch here in Chicago, ladies! This bro is as lively and fun as they come! I guarantee you will have a night to remember with this character. Michael is looking for a lady in her 20’s, a non-smoker, and who love surrounding herself with friends, family, and fun. He also loves a lady who is independent and has long-term career goals. Sound like you or someone you know? Hit him up!

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