Let’s Get this Started!!!

Hey, everyone!  If you didn’t read the “About Me” section, here’s a quick Sparks Note version:

I’m Becca, dating is awkward, online dating is REALLY awkward, so I hope this blog is somewhere in the middle.  Articles like these ( are dumb.  Are you actually going to contact that DJ, chef, model, etc?  No, you’re not.  But you may contact an awesome guy who plays kickball, works at Groupon/a bank/ law firm/ tech company/ etc. , and had a blast at Lolla or the Cubs game last week!

I do not have a Ph.D., and I am not Patti Stanger.  This is not some big scam for me to meet random guys (I’m happily in a relationship).  But, I like to think I have good intuition about relationships and what kind of dudes my friends would like.  This is going to be a big research project of mine.  I’m going to go out into the big city of Chicago, talk to random bros, blog about them, hopefully YOU ladies contact them or me in hopes of going on a date with them!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or through this site for more information on one of the bros, or if you’re a bro who’d like to be on here! (